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IMI Alloys India LLP is a noteworthy manufacturer and distributor of HSS Bars in Karumathampatti, Coimbatore. We produce these HSS Hot Rolled Round Bar in many types, thicknesses, dimensions, and also in customized specifications at the most reasonable prices. All our bars are manufactured using premium quality materials and cutting edge technology equipment in compliance with globally accepted quality standards. We supply these bars in several forms such as forged bars, hot forged bars, cold drawn bars, quenched & tempered bars, black bars, hot rolled bars, etc.
HSS consists of carbon steel mixed with tungsten or molybdenum, along with percentages of chromium, vanadium and cobalt. High Speed Steel M15 Square Bar can tolerate higher temperatures without losing their temper. High Speed Steel T4 Quenched & Tempered Square Rods usually exhibit above Rockwell hardness 60 and abrasion resistance generally because of tungsten and vanadium content used in High Speed Steel.

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M15 High Speed Steel Flat Bars Supplier

High Speed Steel UNS T11302 Industrial Square Rods have enhanced hardenability, less oxidation damage during heat treatment, and enhanced hot hardness. HSS M2 Quenched & Tempered Square Rods are widely used in the industry standard for HSS, well-balanced in toughness, abrasion resistance and hot hardness for general purpose. Other High Speed Steel grades are utilized instead for particular applications, generally for higher wear resistance or hot hardness. HSS M4 Forged Flat Bars feature high carbon and vanadium for greater abrasion resistance and grindability. HSS M42 Cold Drawn Round Bar possess a high cobalt component that gives them with superior hot hardness.

We manufacture HSS UNS T11302 Hot Rolled Flat Bars in several lengths and diameters, forms, and also in customized configurations so they can be used for a wide variety of applications such as machine parts, automotive parts, tools and more. High Speed Steel SKH59 Cold Drawn Flat Rods are incredibly versatile and are used for a variety of industrial applications, including Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Die Cutting, Stamping, and Band Saws, etc.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal our team of highly qualified professionals are working tirelessly to make our products the best in the industry. We carry out comprehensive checks on our bars. We conduct these tests to make sure that the bars are error-free and ideal for use in various environments. We are actively committed to the distribution and exporting of different types of High Speed Steel Quenched & Tempered M7 Flat Bar to mainly all cities in Coimbatore.

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Industrial applications that need sharp and robust instruments and tools prefer HSS M15 Flat Bar as their prime material. They are widely used in the automobile industry, Oil and Gas industry, Construction work etc. The grade using for surface finish has great quality, and the material combination also has the best corrosion properties. Excellent hardness, superior finishing and dimensional accuracy maintained by our side. National and international standards are followed while manufacturing these bars.
Flat Bars

Specifications of High Speed Steel Flat Bars

  • Standard : ASTM A600, ASME SA600
  • Dimensions : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
  • Form : Flat
  • Thickness : 2-20mm x width 10-100mm
  • Length : 100 mm to 10,000 mm
  • Surface Condition : Black, Grinded, Turned Bright, Machined Proof
  • Application : Lathe Tools, Milling Cutter, Cutter Blades, Boring Tools, Twist drills, Milling Knives, Reamers, Taps, Metalcutting saws, Screw Cutting Tools, File Cutter’s Chissels, Drills, Hobs, Drill Bits, Tread cutting tools etc

Types of HSS Square Rods in Coimbatore

ss round bars

High Speed Steel Round Bars

  • HSS M41 Quenched & Tempered Round Rods Distributor in Coimbatore
  • High Speed Steel 1.3243 Industrial Round Bars Supplier in Karumathampatti
  • HSS M3 CLASS2 Hot Forged Round Bars Stockist in Sulur
  • HSS M35 Round Bars Stockist in Coimbatore
  • High Speed Steel UNS T11342 Quenched & Tempered Round Bars Stockist in Malumichampatti
  • HSS 1.3243 Industrial Round Rods Stockist in Kallapalayam
  • HSS T15 Industrial Round Rods Distributor in Coimbatore
  • HSS M7 Industrial Round Bars Exporter in Karumathampatti
  • HSS M15 Hot Rolled Round Bars Distributor in Coimbatore
  • High Speed Steel T42 Hot Rolled Round Rods Manufacturer in Sulur
square bars

HSS Square Rods

  • HSS UNS T11323 Square Rods Manufacturer in Coimbatore
  • HSS 1.3343 Cold Drawn Square Bars Supplier in Karumathampatti
  • High Speed Steel T1 Industrial Square Bars Exporter in Sulur
  • HSS M7 Square Bars Supplier in Kallapalayam
  • HSS M42 Hot Rolled Square Bars Stockist in Malumichampatti
  • HSS T15 Hot Rolled Square Rods Exporter in Karumathampatti
  • HSS UNS T11335 Hot Rolled Square Bars Stockist in Coimbatore
  • HSS 1.3243 Industrial Square Rods Exporter in Sulur
  • HSS M3 CL2 Hot Rolled Square Bars Supplier in Malumichampatti
  • High Speed Steel M15 Forged Square Rods Distributor in Kallapalayam
flat bars

High Speed Steel Flat Rods

  • HSS M42 Black Flat Rods Stockist in Coimbatore
  • HSS 4341 Flat Bars Distributor in Kallapalayam
  • High Speed Steel M15 Flat Rods Manufacturer in Malumichampatti
  • High Speed Steel M3 CLASS2 Flat Rods Manufacturer in Sulur
  • High Speed Steel 1.3343 Industrial Flat Bars Stockist in Karumathampatti
  • HSS M3 CL2 Forged Flat Bars Exporter in Coimbatore
  • HSS 4341 Flat Rods Manufacturer in Malumichampatti
  • HSS M35 Hot Forged Flat Bars Distributor in Kallapalayam
  • High Speed Steel 1.3243 Quenched & Tempered Flat Rods Exporter in Sulur
  • HSS M7 Black Flat Bars Distributor in Karumathampatti

Applications For High Speed Steel Round Rods in Coimbatore


Generally, high speed steels are used for machining at high speeds. HSS M15 steel materials are widely used for:

  • Broaches
  • Drills
  • Hobs
  • Knurling Tools
  • Lathe Tools
  • Milling Cutters
  • Nut Piercers
  • Planer Tools
  • Reamers
  • Shaving Tools
  • Taps
  • Thread Cutting Tools

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